$473,421.83 Dollars saved or returned through casework (2021)
Hardworking residents deserve to keep as much of their money as possible, and if you’re having an issue with a pension, benefits, or Medicare coverage, we are here to help. Please contact us if you are having any issues where the federal government says you owe money that you don’t, you’re owed a tax refund you haven’t seen, or something else.  We’ll advocate on your behalf.
CLICK HERE if you need help with a federal agency.

7,407 Individuals assisted 
An important part of my job is making sure you are getting treated fairly by the federal government. If you are applying for a federal grant, in need of a passport, or having trouble getting in contact with any federal agency, please reach out to my office. We have assisted thousands of folks in Southwest Washington by cutting through bureaucratic red tape and we’d love to assist you, too.

575,904  Responses to emails, letters, and calls 
The most important part of my job is taking your voice to Congress. I make it a priority to listen to the people of Southwest Washington, and if you take the time to voice your opinion or ask for information, my goal is to respond to you in a timely manner. This number shows the number of letters, phone calls and emails my team and I have answered. If you are a resident of Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional District, I want to hear from you!
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