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U.S. Congresswoman Herrera Beutler
Local brewers make beer, create jobs in the process

Small, independent breweries face many economic challenges amidst a booming demand from consumers. I met with several local brewers in Vancouver this month to hear how the tax and regulatory burdens negatively affect their businesses. I was glad to join Ghost Runners Brewery, Trap Door Brewing, Loowit Brewing, WA Brewers Guild and Backwoods Brewing for the discussion. I have worked to increase funding for hops research, expedite the backlog for processing new craft beer and wine labeling, and fight to keep the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) as an independent entity able to better focus on the needs of this growing industry. I’m also a supporter of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which provides tax relief as a way to help smaller brewers invest in their business and spur economic growth.

It was a very enjoyable discussion, and I’ll work to support these local entrepreneurs as they build their businesses, contribute to our economy and provide jobs in our community.

Protecting renewable hydropower energy, salmon

I was pleased to join my Pacific Northwest colleagues in introducing bipartisan legislation to support the Federal Columbia River Power System and the benefit it brings to our region through clean, renewable, and affordable energy. This system has been improved to allow salmon to recover at record rates.

Consider what’s at stake if we fail to protect our vital hydropower infrastructure:
+ Hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars have successfully adapted it to allow an average of 97% of young salmon successfully make it past the dams.
+ To replace the energy produced by these dams and consumed by our region, we’d need more than six coal-fired power plants or three nuclear facilities to get the reliability that clean, carbon-free hydropower provides to the Pacific Northwest. Wind and solar alone are not currently capable of supplanting hydropower in our region.

This legislation is the only real path forward to protect our way of life. To read more about our efforts, click here.

Getting answers on delayed care for veterans

Part of fixing the challenges at the VA is fully understanding the problems it faces, which is why I secured an important provision in a law passed last year that has the VA report on its hiring issues with their health care providers. We’ve learned some of the facts, and they aren’t good:

+ It takes on average 134 days – that’s over four months – for the Veterans Health Administration to hire a healthcare provider.
+ Roughly 8% of the providers who made it through the credentialing phase – which means they’ve been in the VA hiring process an average of 74 days – do not end up being hired by the VHA because they receive another job opportunity during this lengthy hiring process. Then, the VHA is forced to start the hiring process all over again – at the expense of agency funding and the loss of good providers.

Veterans are the ones who ultimately feel the adverse effects of the delays when they have to wait extended periods of time to receive medical attention due to the lack of providers. This is a critical issue, and I’ll stay dogged in my efforts to better understand and help tackle these problems.

Assisting small Southwest Washington businesses

Small businesses like Molecular Testing Labs (MTL) in Vancouver power our economy. I had a great time touring their facility. MTL does fascinating, important work in the areas of genetics, infectious diseases, and toxicology testing. I’m glad I could assist from the federal level by expediting their application for a Veteran Owned Small Business Certification and also working with the VA to get their Federal Supply Schedule approved.


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The VA's mobile clinic will be in Raymond this week offering health care services to vets.

Tuesday, July 18, 8am-3pm
Wed., July 19, 8am-3pm
Thursday, July 20, 8am-3pm
Friday, July 21, 8am-11:30am

The American Legion
221 Duryea Street
Raymond, WA 98577

Services include: Primary health care appointments & walk-ups, physical exams, flu shots & other immunizations, prescriptions, labs, assistance in signing up for VA benefits.

If you are a veteran who is already registered within the VA system, walk-up appointments will be accepted based on availability. If you wish, you can also set up an appointment by calling 1-800-329-8387, and then dialing extension 71234 and asking for the mobile medical unit in Raymond. If you are not in the VA system, you can get help with initial registration at the mobile medical unit.

THANK YOU: I want to honor and thank John Deeder, Evergreen Public School Superintendent, for his 48 years of service to our Southwest Washington education community. John has taken every opportunity to serve and is a shining example of what makes this expansive region feel like a tight-knit and caring community. He is an inspiration to all of us and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.

FLOWERS: Proud to cosponsor bipartisan legislation designating July as American Grown Flower Month, to celebrate the economic and cultural impact of America’s cut flower and greens farmers and demonstrate Congress’ commitment to support our local farmers and growers. You can read more here. 

Putting a stop to the "Waters of the U.S." power grab: Land owners, farmers, and business owners in Southwest Washington got one step closer to an important measure of relief. The Trump Administration recently announced its decision to withdraw the Waters of the United States rule, which made ditches, man-made ponds, and seasonally wet areas on private property subject to additional federal control and massive costs. I have consistently opposed this sweeping expansion of federal control that would upend 42 years of Clean Water Act policy that will do very little to protect our environment, yet could do so much to hurt farmers, small business operators, and important economic activity. You can read more about this issue here.


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