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Herrera Beutler Reintroduces Legislation to Protect New Parents from Surprise Medical Bills

Bipartisan bill would make it easier to enroll newborns in health coverage

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA-03) this week reintroduced bipartisan legislation to protect new parents from surprise medical bills. The No Surprise Bills For New Moms Act, co-led by Congresswoman Katie Porter (CA-45), would simplify the process for enrolling newborns in health coverage.

“As parents in Southwest Washington welcome a newborn baby into their lives, many are unknowingly incurring thousands of dollars in surprise medical billing simply because the window to complete enrollment paperwork is so narrow during this hectic time. This kind of surprise billing is contributing to rising health care costs for families across our nation. The bipartisan bill I’m helping lead will help give parents peace of mind that they’ll have more flexibility to enroll their child in health insurance after birth without risking these exorbitant and unnecessary costs,” Herrera Beutler said.

“Growing your family should be a time of joy; instead, our healthcare system often springs surprise medical bills onto new parents. Right now, the process for enrolling newborns in health coverage is overly complicated, and it can easily—and understandably—slip through the cracks, leaving new parents on the hook for skyhigh bills. I’m proud to once again partner with Congresswoman Herrera Beutler on this legislation to help families get the care they need,” Porter said.

The No Surprise Bills for New Moms Act would automatically cover newborns for the first 30 days on the mother’s insurance and create a standard for enrollment after that period. It eliminates confusion for new parents by establishing a uniform 60-day enrollment period after that first month. The bill would also require that all health plans and insurers notify parents if they receive a bill for an uncovered newborn.