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Daily News Guest Column: Health Care Law's three-year checkup not good

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It’s now been three years since the President and Congress passed a massive overhaul of our health care system. While I didn’t support this specific bill, I embrace the idea that folks in Southwest Washington should be able to afford quality care for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, the health care bill’s three year checkup reveals that we’ve drifted farther from this goal. The Afford...

Columbian Guest Column: Facts support opposition to law’s impact on Medicare

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On Friday, The Columbian examined my mail piece to seniors throughout Southwest Washington on actions I’ve taken to protect Medicare. My votes, and the solutions I’ve supported, are based on important facts showing that Medicare is in jeopardy if no action is taken. A few important details were missing from the original article, and I appreciate the chance to air the facts here.

Longview Daily News Guest Column: Making gas and energy affordable

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The average family in Longview feels every dollar they have to spend at the gas pump. When they write the check for the monthly utility bill, every penny matters. So, when gas prices soar above $4.00 a gallon as they have recently, there's a real impact on the rest of the family budget.