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The federal government has a constitutional responsibility to defend our borders. Unfortunately, for years it has failed to live up that responsibility. As your Member of Congress, my first and most important job when it comes to fixing our broken immigration system is to curb the influx of people unlawfully entering and staying in the United States. This includes those who cross the border illegally, and those who come to the country on legal visas but once here do not comply with the rules and remain illegally. 

I will do everything in my power to strengthen our existing border control operations in order to get our borders under control. I do not support amnesty for illegal immigrants, and I do not believe we can seriously discuss what to do with the people already here illegally until we’ve stemmed the flow of people crossing into our country illegally every day. It is our responsibility to protect social service safety nets and jobs for legal, taxpaying citizens and residents. 

Here are measures I support that will strengthen our immigration system:

  • Implementing an electronic verification system, or “e-verify,” which ensures that those applying for jobs are legally able to work. It also keeps employers accountable for who they hire.
  • Create a better accountability system for those who enter legally but then circumvent the system to remain here illegally.
  • Enhancing border security measures, whether it’s a wall, a fence, or new technologies.
  • Making sure border agents aren’t prosecuted for doing their jobs effectively.
  • Make English the official language of the United States, and learning English a necessary requirement for U.S. citizenship. 
Our country has a tradition of openness for those who want to come to America and respect the law and I intend to uphold that tradition. Our rich heritage of diverse cultures is part of what makes America great.  
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