Businesses, families and individuals throughout Southwest Washington depend on a safe, efficient transportation system to keep our economy moving.  As a member of the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, I am committed to ensuring that tax dollars are being targeted to our region’s most pressing transportation needs.

From city centers to forest roads and trails, I’ve helped get results to make commutes faster, roads safer and destinations more accessible.  For example, in Ridgefield we secured a critical federal grant to fix the Ridgefield Pioneer Street Railroad Overpass -- one of the most dangerous rail crossings in Washington state.  I’ve also made sure federal policies and spending keep small towns and remote forests open and accessible to hikers, sportsmen, bicyclists, off-road enthusiasts and those who live and work in these rural areas.  The careful preservation of forest roads and trails will always be important here.

I-5 is a federal highway, and I will continue to ensure that federal resources are available for a safe, affordable I-5 bridge across the Columbia River that reduces congestion and helps our ports and businesses move freight more efficiently.  But any solution must earn the support of Southwest Washington citizens who will use and help pay for it through their hard earned tax dollars. Clark County residents have rejected light rail as a component of this bridge on multiple county-wide ballots, and I will respect the will of the voters.

We can get this right.  If we do, this key roadway and crossing will serve our growing region well for generations to come.

 Southwest Washington Priority Projects