Natural Resources and the Environment

I’m honored and humbled to represent one of America’s most beautiful regions. Almost every corner of Southwest Washington affords a view of Mt. St. Helens’ jagged profile on clear days. We have beaches along the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Columbia River to the south, and the Gifford Pinchot Forest to the east. As a native of Southwest Washington, I grew up hiking, swimming and fishing here with my family.

I’ll work to protect these same opportunities for future generations. We must find a balance that respects our natural resources and environment, maintains recreational opportunities for residents of Southwest Washington, and allows responsible job creators to keep and create good paying jobs.

My policies will reflect a belief that we can all continue to share and enjoy our natural resources both now, and in the future.

To achieve this goal, I will continue to fight for legislation that preserves a strong and healthy fish population in Southwest Washington. As a senior U.S. House appropriator, I have secured the resources necessary to sustain wild salmon and steelhead habitats in the Pacific Northwest, restoring over 9,500 miles of stream for fish passage.

I’ve also pushed to allow wildlife managers and fishermen in our communities to distinguish between wild fish and hatchery fish. By providing more funding to reduce the administrative backlog inhibiting hatcheries from being in compliance with the Endangered Species Act, we’re saving taxpayer dollars and strengthening fish numbers in the long run. Additionally, I’ve championed legislation that will allow trained members of tribal communities and government fish managers to control – and remove -- sea lions that pose a threat to endangered fish populations.

We want fish to remain a wonderful resource with recreational, economic and cultural benefits that our children and grandchildren can enjoy.

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