I know first-hand that a good education involves parents, teachers and local schools. My door is open to all educators in Southwest Washington. We share the same goal: ensure our children receive a world class education so they are prepared to succeed in the global economy.

My priorities for education:

• Put students at the center of our decisions regarding education; students should be our focus, not the adults in the system.

• Increase local control over our education system. Parents, teachers, and local educators are the best equipped to address the needs of their children and students – not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. 

• Equip our children to compete in the global 21st century economy, with a focus on S.T.E.M. education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

• Increase career and technical education opportunities. When children leave the K-12 system, we must also ensure they are ready and prepared to choose the best path for them, whether that’s technical/vocational training, a university or other forms of higher education.

• Require high standards and accountability from our education system, so Southwest Washington employers can hire from a qualified local workforce. 

• Alleviate the monetary burden student loan debt has on college graduates. As the cost of college tuition rises, a growing number of students from our community are struggling to pay off their loans in this difficult economic climate. 

• Ensure that students in rural communities are treated fairly in a system where federal land ownership reduces the resources available for rural schools.