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One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is assist the people of Southwest Washington when they have questions about or need assistance with a federal agency. Navigating the various federal agencies can seem like a maze, and my staff is here to help. We can't guarantee a specific outcome, but we can work to find solutions, help cut through the red tape and get answers to your questions.

Below is a list of the agencies we most frequently assist people with. If you don't see the agency you need help with, please contact my office for assistance at 360-695-6292.

Please fill out the fields below to get started. Many federal agencies require requests to be in writing and signed before my staff can help. If that is the case, my office with ask you to complete the privacy authorization form to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act. You can also print out the form and mail or fax a letter explaining your need and completed form to my Vancouver office. Also, include any additional documentation and correspondence regarding your situation that would assist my staff as they work on your case.

Department of Education
FCC - Federal Communications Commission
Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Internal Revenue Service
Department of Labor
Office of Personnel Management
Passport Service
Postal Service
Social Security Administration
State Department - Visas
Department of Veterans Affairs

I look forward to serving you, and I will do my best to ensure you receive fair consideration. Please call my office at (360) 695-6292 for any additional assistance. CLICK HERE FOR PRIVACY RELEASE FORM.

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